Creating ‘inclusive growth’ in Leeds

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Leeds Council and Leeds city region came together to explore how the region’s economic growth can be spread more fairly. As the programme reaches its midway point, Josh Stott analyses its progress.  We have reached the mid-point of the More Jobs, Better Jobs partnership, which provides a good opportunity to report on progress to date and our plans moving forward. We are working together to help boost the local evidence base, identify areas for action, and develop and support adoption of new policy ideas.  This programme is framed around three broad pillars which underpin the leadership role cities can play in achieving inclusive growth. These pillars are not just relevant to the Leeds city region but can apply equally to other city regions. They are: 1. Creating an ‘inclusive growth’ framework: Cities are well placed to champion and establish their own inclusive growth agendas. The objectives … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Josh Stott

Josh Stott is head of the place team at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Further information about the Cities Growth and Poverty programme and the More Jobs, Better Jobs partnership can be found here

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