Lilac co-housing: How they did it

Co-housing developments are built around community and sustainability but can they also be affordable? Susan Downer visits Lilac in Leeds to find out. The housing sector has a reputation for many things, but rarely is it lauded for its principles. Lilac, in Leeds, is an exception. To describe the 20 properties comprising Lilac as a housing initiative is to do it a disservice. Home to 35 adults and 10 children it is equally rooted in three core values: affordability, sustainability and community. Lilac stands for Low Impact Living Affordable Community and the values implicit in its name permeate everything from the straw bale walls of its houses to its solar and photovoltaic panels, communal house, public park, children’s play area and allotment gardens. Everything that can be shared is shared, including tools, cars, washing machines and twice weekly communal meals. The land and flat-roofed buildings are owned by the company … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Susan Downer

Susan Downer

Susan Downer is a freelance journalist

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