Empty Homes Doctors: Brokering social change

Social problems cannot be fixed by one agent, but need collective creativity at the local level. In Leeds, Social Business Brokers has been focusing the energy of the city on the issue of empty homes You don’t have to look very far to find a complex social problem that we could do with solving. Loneliness among older people. Obesity among the young. Dangerous levels of air pollution. Sky-high housing costs. Climate change. Floods. Gridlock. Leeds is a great place, and has plenty going for it. But like anywhere it has its problems. What interests me is how we can get better at tackling some of these problems – together. And, maybe stop some other problems happening in the first place. You might call that resilience. At Social Business Brokers we’re interested in working out how to solve social problems. Our starting point is that social problems are complex – and … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Rob Greenland

Rob Greenland is co-director of Leeds-based social enterprise Social Business Brokers CIC and co-founder of Leeds Community Homes

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